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Thema: Patch 3.17.11

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    Patch 3.17.11


    1.Some party oriented zones have been converted to Solo zones.

    -Target locations

    7 in Southern Arun: Forgotten City of Giants, Hill of the Crazed, Hill of Vampir, Cave of the Dead, Pirate Cave, Temple of the Heretics 1st Floor, Island of Snakes.
    3 in Southern Shara: Ancient Forest, Frozen Shores, Valley of Savagery.

    -Tweaked notes

    The party monsters in above zones had their difficulty reduced to solo level and experience and drop rates were increased.
    Instances, large and named monsters will still require a full party.

    2.Difficulty tweaked on some Party zones.

    -Target locations

    Excluding the Solo zones and instance dungeons. Southern Arun and Shara.

    -Tweaked content

    Party monster difficulty was reduced to allow a 2~3 person party to kill them.
    Drop rate and experience are reduced along with the difficulty.
    Quest log will now show if the quest is for 3man or 5man.
    Instances, Large and named monsters will still require a full party.

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    K-TERA Patch Notes | 3.24.11

    K-TERA Patch Notes | 3.24.11

    [System > Battlefields]
    Match making system was added.
    - We have added a match making system so that players of equal level of skill will be matched. Match making will be made by comparing the teams' winning percentages.

    Reward methods have been changed
    - We have made it so that you need at least 1 kill to accomplish a win.
    (For example, 10vs10 Battlefields; even if you reach the resource point that you need to win it if your team don’t have a single kill the match will be made a draw.)
    - The additional reward ‘Medal of Honor’ was previously only earned by being in a guild party, now you will only receive it if you win the match.
    - If the team loses without a single kill, they won’t get rewarded at all.

    [Class > Priest]
    ”Sanctuary of Regeneration” skill was added.
    - The skill range will be 10m and it will create a circle of 4m radius.
    - The circle will stay active for 5 seconds.
    - This skill can be learned at level 6 and it makes it easier to heal melee classes.
    - You and your allies will gain one HoT(Heal over time) effect by stepping in the circle.
    - The heal amount will vary on your level and it will heal every second for 5 seconds.
    - The heal amount will also vary depending on the Priest’s weapons.
    - The whole party can receive the effect if they are within the circle.
    - Casting time of this skill is 1 second, and the cooldown is 12 seconds.
    - Using the ‘Healing Wind’ skill will trigger a 5 second cooldown for the ‘Sanctuary of Regeneration’ and vice versa.
    - If you were to use the skill ‘Sanctuary of Regeneration’ the ‘Healing wind’ Skill will go on a 5 seconds cooldown while the ‘Sanctuary of Regeneration’ will go on a 12 seconds cooldown.

    Acquired level:6 Heal amount each second:136 MP cost:1100
    Acquired level12: Heal amount each second:181 MP cost:1100
    Acquired level:18 Heal amount each second:235 MP cost:1100
    Acquired level:24 Heal amount each second:298 MP cost: 1100
    Acquired level:30 Heal amount each second:366 MP cost: 1100
    Acquired level:36 Heal amount each second:431 MP cost: 1100
    Acquired level:42 Heal amount each second:489 MP cost: 1100
    Acquired level:48 Heal amount each second:533 MP cost: 1100

    ’Holy Lightning’ skill was added.
    - It is a lock-on type skill and you can use it while moving. It is the only offensive skill that a priest can use while moving.
    - Even if the Priest hits the target with ‘Holy Lightning’ skill the priest won’t be put in to combat, during PVP both the attacker and the victim won’t be put in to combat.
    - Any ally in the range of 10m from the victim of ‘Holy Lightning’ will receive of 15 second buff, the effects are as shown below.

    Lv40, Str increased by 12, Attack speed increased by 5% and MP cost 750.

    Lv48, Str increased by 13, attack speed increased by 5% and MP cost 813.

    - Your strength and attack speed will be buffed, making you efficient in combat.
    - Cooldown is 30 seconds.

    ’Glyph of Cooperation – Quick Pace’ was added.
    - When using the skill ‘Quick Pace’ for 10 minutes your movement during combat is increased by 15.
    - Required Glyphe point: 3
    - Level requirement 25

    [Zone > Monster]
    Monster HPs were adjusted.
    Some of the monsters that were significantly easier to kill and grind on were tweaked by their HP to equalize the effectiveness of leveling and doing the repeat quest for them.

    Zone: Vampir Hill
    Lv 28 Monsters Starving Arachnia, Vicious Arachnia and Giant Arachnia had their HP reduced by 16%.

    Zone: Cave of the Dead
    Lv 29 Monsters Skeleton Guard, Skeleton Officer and Skeleton Higher-ranking Officer had their HP reduced by 26%

    Zone: Labyrinth of Greed
    Lv32 Monster Labyrinth Guardian had its HP increased by 30%.

    Zone: Island of Despair
    Lv32 Monster Red Mist Berserker had its HP increased by 25%

    Zone: Witch’s Castle
    Lv36 Monster Mad Dark Magic Jester had its HP increased by 30%

    Zone: Lake of the Moon
    Lv35 Monster Flaming Beast had its HP increased by 18%

    Zone: Forgotten City of the Giants
    Lv37 Monster Rocksmash Tribe Destroyer had its HP increased by 26%

    Zone: Golden Road
    Lv36 Monsters Desert Hyena and Waste land Wolf had their HP increased by 30%.

    Zone: Temple of Heretics
    Lv37 Monsters Lok Fanatic Gladiator, Lok Fanatic Soldier, Lok Fanatic Priest and Lokian Archer had their HP increased by 30% and Charmed Dark Reaper had its HP increased by 29%.

    Zone: Essenia Hills
    Lv 41 Monsters Toolsa Protector, Toolsa Shaman and Toolsa Follower had their HP increased by 30%.

    Zone: Corrupt Forest
    Lv40 Monster Crazy Rock Wolf had its HP increased by 30%.
    Lv41 Monster Volatile Earth Elemental had its HP increased by 30%.

    Zone: Ancient Forest
    Lv40 Monster Forest Pillager had its HP increased by 80%.

    Zone: Tyrant’s Highlands
    Lv44 Monster Kaidun Gladiator had its HP increased by 30%

    Zone: Ancient Castle of Evil
    Lv43 Monsters Evil Gladitor, Evil Warlock, Evil Dark Knight and Evil Shaman had their HP reduced by 17%

    Zone: Frozen Prairies
    Lv43 Monsters Wendigo Cryomancer and Wendigo Gladiator had their HP reduced by 30%.

    Zone: Isolated Zone
    Lv47 Monster Kaligo Holy Soldier had its HP increased by 30%.

    Zone: Valley of Savagery
    Lv45 Monster Tamed Valley Basilisk had its HP increased by 40%.

    Zone: Flaming Mountain
    Lv51 Monster Abysmal Hell Beast had its HP reduced by 19%.

    Monster positions were altered in Pirate’s Hideout.
    - Fixed an issue where ranged classes were having a difficult time kiting monsters around the narrow pathway, to address this we have removed a few monsters around the pathway in both 1st and 2nd floor.
    - Fixed the Red Mist Gladiator who kept resetting due to being stuck in a wall.

    [ETC > Bug fix]
    Crystal – Venomous Blade bug fixed
    - Fixed an issue of the Venomous Blade effect being applied on your party members.

    Glyph of Cooperation – Guardian Armor
    - Fixed a bug of the Stamina buff being applied to ALL party members, not just the caster. Now the spell will properly grant only the Caster the Stamina buff and also the tooltip changed to the following effect if the player had equipped the Glyph that increased by duration time of the spell.
    - To fix the duplicate system message, we no longer display message for the glyph effect, instead just show the status icon.

    Battlegrounds Resurrection bug
    - Fixed a bug where you would resurrect immediately if you were to be resurrected through the Blessing of Resurrection effect. Normally it would trigger a resurrection wait time.

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    Re: Patch 3.17.11

    Öh okay, also Sanctuary of Regeneration ist ja altbekannt frag mich was die da geaddet haben. Aber Holy Lightning ist mir neu hört sich auf jedenfall verdammt gut an vor allem für Instanzen und PvP.




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