Hier eine kleine Übersicht was auf der E3 2011 passiert ist:

[FOG] TERA - E3 2011 Trailer (Deutsch)

Wer sich den Stand von TERA von der E3 2011 noch einmal anschauen möchte, kann hier vorbei schauen, dies
ist eine Art Video Blog von EnMasse.

Zum Schluss noch das kurze Transcript von Developer Chat, das statt gefunden hatte:

Zitat Zitat von EnMasse
pappinator: What sort of sway will an elected member have in the community?

We want Vanarchs to stand out outside the game. Our community team will be talking more about these features in the future.

TeraHispano: When can we see pvp servers? next test maybe?

We have ongoing tests for our PVP servers already and hope to open them up wider in future testing events. Times are still TBD

GamerRiot: What is the difference between a Vanarch and an Exarch?

the Exarch is the boss Seriously though we will talk more about Exarchs later.

RiotTrance: What is to prevent everyone from running for office themselves? Will there be responsibilities as well as privileges?

To run for office you must be a guild leader with 20 guild members, a guild level of 2 and a player level of 50. And be awesome

WarpCode: Will we have all the korean updates at release or will we be several months behind them?

as we finalize our timeline for launch we will evaluate what our final updates will be. Every update out so far will be included.

TeraHispano: When can we test the elin race?

All changes are minor cosmetic changes, so there is nothing to test.

Jo_Ngoc_Hang: what is planned about GvG ? (not that WILL be, just plans )

This system is designed to ease conflict among guilds. We aren't going into details yet but we are excited for the system.

BrowncoatBlue: Will we be able to keep more than one capital letter in our character names?

We have some ideas up our sleeves to maximize names and give creative freedom. Should be in the next test.

Teracasts: Why are you avoiding questions from some of your biggest supporters?

Cause i am typing on a netbook ugh.

Teracasts: How does EME answer the critics of Korean MMOS? and those who feel EME is being too secretive about critical NA features?

Until we meet a quality level we are happy with we are going to be short on details. Or things will shift and you'll be sad.

GamerRiotEmp: Lotta people worried crafting is waste of time/money. Used to be the best, now Aion-style time sink. Gonna get changed?

Our goal is to make it viable gear for players. The best crafters will need to put in time but we don't want it to suck.

Rosengarde: What, in your opinion, is the most important change you're bringing to the NA version? The one thing of greatest impact?

Accessibility for all types of players. PVP, solo, party, crafters. Having enough high quality content for all is no small task

psychosamatic24: Are there any abilities that would cause Friendly Fire during battle?

We do not have friendly fire. This was a huge challenge for the devs in creating a non-target system in a pvp environment.

jabeum: got any particular ideas or features you're pushing BHS to include in the game in the future?

I just had talks about TERA's end game for the western market and our expectations. Good things are in the works...

JoseUnCut: On the TERA forums we all read there was something big planned for TERA. If there no date givengive us a hit on the big planneds

We have been giving full details on one our big end game features, the political system!

BigNastey: What will be the max level in TERA for NA/EU launch.

At least 58....

BigNastey: In what stage is TERA at this point with Westernization, when will we see more news about that process.

busting our ass to implement all the feedback you guys have been giving us. 1-58 is story complete, voice overs are done, font is chosen, its all really focused on quality of game content now.

tatticus: Is there a lore reason why Baraka are, more often than not, priests in the promo videos?

They are the scholars of the world. And look cool as hell in robes.

TheSaintACE: So then we ARE going to get the patch currently being tested in Korea? Like EU developers said in Berlin in a few weeks ago?


Teracasts: Is there expanded controller functionality already in developement? Such as toggling Fire-at-crosshair attacks?

latest game version allows attacks to be either body facing or camera facing and shows mapping on screen with shiftable states

psychosamatic24: Is the graphic's engine in this game from another developer or is it by one of your studio's?

We use the unreal 3 engine.

optorientation: How is PvP going to look on the PvE servers?

it will be consensual such as battlegrounds, duels and deathmatches.

Teracasts: Is there any plans to increase the camera control speed for the analog stick, beyond what was available in the CPE?

yes this option is in with the controller now. Both ui speed and camera speed.

Teracasts: Producer Chris Hager mentioned the Crysis engine, was this just accidental E3 over-caffeination, or a sinister Argon plot?

He misspoke we have always used the unreal engine.

JoseUnCut: So no open world PVP for TERA?

Only on PVP servers will there be open world PVP.

Eikju: What about Guildtaxes which means that a percentage of income will automatically go into the warehouse of a guild?

It all goes to the guild leader but it is broadcast to the guild... With great power...

LBastor: When should be expect some new information on your schedule? All we want is a relative misty worst possible release date.

Soon as we meet our quality standard at En Masse. As much as you want TERA launched I want it launched 1000 times more

LeonardoRCastro: Are there going to be any kind of pvp gear or rewards?

yes. you earn points fighting in battlegrounds that can be spent on rewards such as potions and gear.

GamerRiotEmp: New patch will have flying cities. Will there be flight mechanics added to TERA? Mounts? Wings? Flying Combat?

wings are gimmicky.. jk We are looking into flying mounts it would be hella cool but nothing concrete to announce. zomg the video had them! It was for cinematic purposes but the response from ya'll may set it in motion....

Uruvion: How much sleep have you gotten in the past 2 days?

More than usual. I have a 2 year who has mutated to not need sleep...

Teracasts: If localization is technically done, can you explain the areas that EME is adding polish to?

QA/bug fixing and focusing on new and awesome game content.

Thanks guys I am signing off!! Keep the passion ya'll are why we do what we do. -Brian